Why NOT read Rebecca Yarros’ sexist Fourth Wing

The books explores is full of archaic gender dynamics.

Anton Kutselyk
4 min readApr 24, 2024
The picture was made by me

I’m so tired of girls being girls and boys being boys.

Biologically, we do have limitations. I’m a boy, a guy, a dude, a man, as sir, a male species from birth. I’m well aware of how that little thing dangling in between my legs defines me. Yes, whatever size it is, it’s still a little thingdon’t overestimate its importance.

Socially, our potential is limitless, yet we put ourselves into the rigid chains of gender stereotypes over and over again.

Aren’t you bored of that? Hurt by that?

I got bored as soon as entered the big world of the small yard behind the house where I used to spend too much time while growing up. It’s where the boys of my neighbourhood spend their time. Since I was a boy, I had to socialise with boys. There, I’ve seen a lot – most social dynamics one can imagine on the smallest scale, in a childhood laboratory, in a petri dish under a microscope. The king and the suite. The crowd and the outcast. The alpha and the betas. The big dick and the small dicks. The cool football players and the losers. The strong and the weak. The majority and the rebel. The boys and no girls or if you hang out with girls you get kicked out from the male-only club. I got…



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