Weekly Medium Rares: Jan 30 — Feb 5

Five Medium stories that left a rare impression on me.

Anton Kutselyk
2 min readFeb 3


From now on, I’ll be trying to write this weekly thing to highlight some of the stories that came out during my weekly curation time and left a rare impression on me.

I shall call them Medium rares.

This week, I picked five Medium rares.

So When All Else Fails in Policing, Blame the Single Black Mother? by Quintessa

Quintessa’s title needs no explanation — it cuts right to the meat of the matter. It’s a rare piece of writing about a rare kind of stupid that, unfortunately, is given a microphone to share his rare stupidity with the public. Sadly, the issue is real and pressing, and it requires some good, smart,

non-stupid solutions.

The Spirit by Carvell Wallace

Carvell Wallace writes a series of articles once or twice a month. Usually, something dramatic happens in his life and sends him into this beautiful stream of rumination about things of small, big and medium importance. This time, Wallace writes about meeting a ghost, listening to the sounds of robbery from his bed and having a terrible headache afterwards.

No Easy Pass by Mauricio Matiz

Mauricio Matiz is in his 60s and he closely monitors his memory for any signs of change. No Easy Pass is a story about one specific forgetting that had probably little to do with ageing. An anxious and stubborn mind, however, can’t just simply let it go unnoticed — it pushes the author to retrieve a lost piece of memory.

How Chess Explains the Constitution by Dustin Arand

This medium rare must have been picked by a lawyer who’s deeply stuck inside me but never reached its full potential. Unlike me, Dustin Arand is a natural, full-blown lawyer that writes about lots of things, the law included.

In this piece of writing, Dustin Arand explains why the Constitution favours a strategic (contextual) reading rather than a literal one. A judge — like a player of chess — should think about the possibilities beyond the immediate move when interpreting the standing rule of law.

The Asemic Terrain by Remy Dean

The Asemic Terrain is just a beautiful Medium rare about how poetic lines are engraved in nature’s landscapes, and how artists can use that terranean poetry in their creative journey of self-expression.

Thank you all for writing these Medium rares, thank you all for reading these Medium rares and to the next week!



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