Some of the best Ukrainian music

Listen to the rich auditory honey gold —I picked thirteen of the best local bees for you.

Anton Kutselyk
7 min readOct 8, 2018


“Bitanga” by Alina Pash

Some groundbreaking news. There are countries beyond the UK and the USA that produce good music.

I know, it’s shocking. And you might need some time to comprehend this.

Remarkably the press you read won’t tell you about Ukrainian music. You’ll be informed about wars, disasters, and conflicts happening in foreign countries but not about their culture and art. So pacifistic.

This is a shame as you’re missing on something fairly gorgeous and alluring.

So my intention is to reclaim this nuisance. And I can humbly say — this is nothing less than an act of kindness from my side. An incredible gift that you shall not forget and cherish for the rest of your life.

I’m just kidding.

But, surely, discovering Ukrainian music can be a life-changing experience. It’ll add more color and flavor to your life. You might indeed become a better person after listening to some fine specimen of this genre.

So, please, let me be your guide and help you to explore, perhaps, something new.

Before we dive into this indulgence, I shall make a few brief points or observations on why is Ukrainian music so indescribably amazing.

The Language, Instruments and Ethnic Tunes

The language definitely makes the Ukrainian music somewhat of the eighth wonder of the world. Yes, I know what you think. Slavic languages are an acquired taste (no insult is intended here). I can understand if you aren’t very fond of them. Indeed, they might sound harsh on the first encounter.

But the Ukrainian language is an exception to this rule. It has more soft consonants than other members of the Proto-Slavic language group. This makes the sound of it actually mellow to a delicate ear and free of obvious roughness. And in some magical way, those slight variations in phonetics give the Ukrainian language incredible fruitiness. It almost feels like it was specifically designed for signing rather than speaking.



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